August update: Mayoral Forum

The Mayoral Forum met at the Commodore Hotel on Friday 25 August. Significant agenda items are summarised on this page.

View the full agenda (PDF 13.2MB)

Future for Local Government review

Members discussed issues around the final report from the review, and how the Forum might progress planning for the future. A sub-group of CEs is considering shared services and will report back to the next CEs Forum. Members also discussed the potential value of regional growth deals, as used in the UK, and that these could provide opportunities for Canterbury.

Affordable water reform

Members discussed preferred Entity I transition timing and agreed, by majority, their preferred go-live date for Entity I.

Future of the Canterbury Water Management Strategy zone committees

Peter Scott spoke to the paper, noting the need for a strong network of people in communities to help us through these issues. Members discussed the paper, noting that current zone committees vary in efficacy, the importance of funding to support ongoing engagement with mana whenua, and the preference for this review to be completed as soon as possible.

Climate Change Action Planning Reference Group update

Dan Gordon provided an update on the Group’s planning, noting that the reference group met at the end of June and endorsed the strategic framework. The group has invited Canterbury councils to endorse the framework, and it has so far been endorsed by Environment Canterbury and Selwyn District Councils, with other councils considering the framework at their meetings through September and October.

Visit by Minister James Shaw

Minister Shaw was scheduled to meet with the Forum but due to travel disruptions was unable to attend.

Other agenda items included

  • Regional Public Service Commissioner update
  • Briefing the incoming Prime Minister and ministers after the General Election
  • Regional biodiversity monitoring plan update
  • Chief Executives Forum report.

Coming up

  • The Communications & Engagement Forum meets on 15 September
  • The Corporate and Operations Forums meet on 18 September
  • The Economic Development and Policy Forums meet on 22 September
  • The Chief Executives Forum meets on 6 November
  • The Mayoral Forum meets on 24 November.

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