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August update: Chief Executives Forum

16 Aug 2022 | CEs Forum

The Chief Executives met at Selwyn District Council on Monday 1 August.

View the full agenda (PDF 12.1 MB)

Key agenda items

  • discussion of audit issues councils have been facing with Stephen Walker from Audit New Zealand and Mark Maloney from the Office of the Auditor General
  • an update from Dianne McDermott, acting Regional Public Service Commissioner on the regional leadership group’s priorities
  • an update from DIA’s three waters national transition unit on three waters transition progress
  • discussion of the draft Mayoral Forum triennium agreement for the 2022–24 term
  • agreement to establish an Economic Development Forum reporting to the Mayoral Forum
  • approval of the annual regional forums budget
  • approval to fund an information management project from the regional forums budget.

Coming up

  • The Mayoral Forum meets on 26 August
  • The Corporate and Operations Forums meet on 19 September
  • The Policy Forum meets on 30 September
  • The Chief Executives Forum meets on 31 October

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