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November 2019 update: Chief Executives Forum

Held on 4 November 2019 and hosted by Selwyn District Council at the West Melton Community and Recreation Centre.

Key agenda items

  • Welcoming Dawn Baxendale, new Chief Executive of Christchurch City Council, to her first meeting.
  • Reflections on the recent local body elections. Chief Executives shared what the outcomes and changes were to their respective councils, and the priorities conveyed by elected members for this local government political term.
  • Preparations for the upcoming Mayoral Forum meeting at the end of November – the first meeting of the new Mayoral Forum following local body elections in October.
  • Endorsing a process for the development of the Canterbury Regional Development Strategy 2020–2022. This will be presented to the Mayoral Forum for their consideration.
  • Wrapping up the 2017–2019 three-year work programme and agreeing to a new three-year work programme for 2020–2022
  • A presentation from the Climate Change working group on the initial draft climate change risk assessment for the region. This project was initiated to help councils to understand and respond to risks posed by climate change in Canterbury and is aligned with the national climate change risk assessment.
  • The election of Chairs of the regional forums for 2020, who will be:
    • Chief Executives Forum – Jim Palmer
    • Policy Forum – Bill Bayfield
    • Corporate Forum – Bede Carran
    • Operations Forum – Hamish Dobbie.
  • Updates on the Canterbury Water Management Strategy, implementation of CREDS projects, and Provincial Growth Fund applications from Canterbury.

Coming up

  • The Mayoral Forum meets in Christchurch on 28–29 November 2019.
  • Meeting dates for 2020 will be confirmed at this meeting.

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