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July update: Chief Executives Forum

The Chief Executives met at Selwyn District Council on Monday 31 July. Significant agenda items are summarised on this page.

View the full agenda (PDF 4.6MB)

Key agenda items

  • Discussion of issues relating to local government in the light of the Future for Local Government review and government reforms, with a focus on collaboration and shared services
  • A discussion with Simon Bastion, Paul Morris, Sean Judd, and Scott Baxendale (West Coast councils) on preferred timing for transitioning three waters services into Entity I
  • A discussion on the next steps for the collaborative procurement project
  • A workshop on leadership and stress with Georgi Toma.

Coming up

  • The Mayoral Forum meets on 25 August
  • The Communications and Engagement Forum meets on 15 September
  • The Corporate and Operations Forums meet on 18 September
  • The Economic Development and Policy Forums meet on 22 September
  • The Chief Executives Forum meets on 6 November.

Other news