February update: Mayoral Forum

The Mayoral Forum met at the Commodore Hotel on 23 February. Significant agenda items are summarised on this page.

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Refreshed Mayoral Forum’s Plan for Canterbury 2023-2025

The refreshed Mayoral Forum’s Plan for Canterbury 2023-2025 was adopted. Actions to support the Forum’s three priorities of sustainable environmental management, shared prosperity and climate change mitigation and adaptation have been updated and refined to focus on supporting our communities now and into the future. This includes the Forum leading discussions:

  • with central government on opportunities for regional and city deals
  • on drivers for change in Canterbury, including climate change, regulation impacting on future land use, retaining more of the value from agricultural, food, and fibre production in the region.

Presentation from Dr Rod Carr, Chair of the Climate Change Commission

Dr Carr was invited to discuss his perspective on Canterbury’s future, and how Mayoral Forum leadership can help the region meet the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Key discussion points included water, transport, energy, food production, insurance and finance, central government role, ETS and forestry settings, making Canterbury attractive for energy solutions, soil sequestration, roading and transport, role of waste in alternative energy, property rights and insurance. The challenge “why can’t Canterbury set a task of being net zero by 2040” was posed.

Water Services Reform

The Forum discussed the implications and options for Canterbury councils under the government’s Local Water Done Well policy.

Other agenda items included

  • Plans to secure early meetings for Canterbury Mayors with central government Ministers and Canterbury Coalition Members of Parliament
  • An update on the regional climate action planning and the development of the Canterbury Climate Partnership Plan
  • An update on Resource Management Reform
  • An update on the Canterbury Water Management Strategy
  • An update from the Regional Public Service Commissioner
  • A report from the Chief Executives Forum on the activities of the regional forums.

Regional Forum meetings

  • The Corporate and Operations Forums met on 11 March
  • The Communications and Engagement Forum met on 15 March
  • The Policy and Economic Development Forums met on 18 March.

Coming up

  • The Chief Executives Forum meets on 6 May.

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