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August update: Regional development

Endorsing applications to the Provincial Growth Fund

The Mayoral Forum revisited its policy on endorsing only Council-led applications to the Provincial Growth Fund and agreed to endorse a non-council-led application if, and only if, the:

  • proposal aligns strongly with the Canterbury Regional Economic Development Strategy and other regional strategies and local government priorities in Canterbury
  • proposal will potentially generate direct benefits (environmental, economic, social or cultural) across more than one district or the region as a whole
  • proposal has secured the support of the council or councils in whose district(s) the initiative will be based
  • request for Mayoral Forum endorsement has been conveyed to the Forum by a Mayoral Forum member
  • Mayoral Forum’s endorsement is provided on an ‘in-principle’ basis, without appearing to endorse the business case for the proposal or other matters the Forum is not in a position to assess.

Overview of wellbeing in Canterbury

The secretariat has produced an overview of wellbeing in Canterbury (2MB PDF).

At its final meetings in the 2016–19 local government term, the Mayoral Forum used this to inform discussion of priority themes and issues for a regional development strategy for 2020–22.

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